500*500mm Directly Forming to Square

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Model: LW2000(500x500mm)

Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tube Mill


The square or rectangular shaping is formed out before the tube welding, with important advantages in terms of power and material cost reduction.

Computerized Roll Positioning for quick adjustment of roll setting without any roll change (in forming – welding – sizing – straightening) for any size included into the mill size range.


Extreme reduction of mill set up time.

Elimination of all cost for roll sets.

Increase of productivity and reduction of stock and relative costs.

Reduction of manpower due to the complete automatization of the mill operation and adjustments.

Minimal and easy maintenance.

Display with automatic illustration of tube section for each production step.

Easy use of software for setting up of any production parameter, including tube angle radius.


Technological Flow:Strip coil→ Uncoiling →Coil peeler → Pinch & Leveling →Shearing and butt welding → Accumulator → Forming → Welding → Bead remover →Water cooling →Sizing → Turks head → Flying saw cutting → Tube collecting.


- Material to be processed : Carbon Steel, strip coils of weld able grade with max. 0.2% carbon
- Type : Square & Rectangular tube
- Tube Size  
Square : 250 x 250 – 500 x 500 mm
Rectangular : 3000 x200 – 600 x 400 mm
- Wall thickness : 5.0 mm – 18.0 mm
- Tube length : 6.0 m – 18.0 m
- Line Speed : Min.12m/min Max. 24 m/min
- Welding Method : Solid State High Frequency Welding
- Forming Method : Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular

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